Welcome to Prairie Elk Forge

My foremost goal at Prairie Elk Forge is to have my clients be continually pleased with the work I do for them. I pride myself on providing my clients with ironwork that is unique to their project. One of a kind works of art, that cannot be mass-produced in a factory, but must be produced with the individual character that my hands-on style produces. Each piece is heated to 2000 degrees and forged to shape with my hands and hammer.

I hope you enjoy looking through my website. The photographs found throughout the website have been chosen from previous jobs to convey the scope and quality of my work.

Please understand, that although you can order work done just as shown, it is my intention to serve you and your unique project through ironwork designed specifically for your needs.  I am proud to say that almost 100% of the work I do is custom designed for each job.

Sometimes the design is suggested by myself, and other times it is the work of the architect, client, or a combination of all three. Although the photos enclosed focus on rustic style, I am capable of the most ornate European designs as well, and maintain an extensive library on ironwork from which I can draw design styles to suit any building approach.

It would be my pleasure to work with you,
George F. Ainslie, Blacksmith