About Prairie Elk Forge

I have been selected to make numerous replicas of historic work. Bent’s Old Fort near La Junta, Colorado is one of these historical sites. I forged over 4000 pieces to match examples recovered archaeologically for Fort Union near Williston, North Dakota.

The achievement to date, of which I am most proud is my involvement in the restoration of Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park. I began working on the Old Faithful Inn restoration in 1989 and I am to this day. This work has included fireplace screens, hardware, and many lanterns for the exterior of the Inn and the walkways around the Geyser.

I was also selected to forge custom door hardware and U. L. Listed lanterns for the new Snow Lodge Hotel, also at Old Faithful, a project that occupied my shop time for over 16 months.

My priority at Prairie Elk Forge is to produce custom work that reflects the remote locations, primitive settings and rustic architecture that we are blessed with in the West; while ultimately pleasing my clients. My work is designed for the individual, produced by my hands and hammer, and unavailable by any other process.

The Shop

Shop at Prairie Elk ForgeThis building houses the collection of antique forge tools, many of which date back to the 1800’s, that are used in the daily operations at Prairie Elk Forge. All of the hardware and lighting used in the structure were forged by hand, after having been heated in a forge fired by soft coal.

I encourage shop visits by prospective clients, here you can see the work demonstration, as well as a significant of work installed on the premises. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.