Custom designed fireplace screens have been a specialty of mine. Many are freestanding screens that can be removed to enjoy the fire without a screen between you and the fire, others are built in doors, cut to fit the stonework of the fireplace. As with all work at Prairie Elk Forge, fire screens are available in a variety of finishes: pewter, rust, and hand-wrought black which highlights the hammer work in the natural iron color, while black remains in the hollows of the texture on the iron.

I have built small screens with no additional decoration, and huge fire screens that celebrate the wildlife and the scenery of the area they are used in, or western scenes from ranch life.

This screen was awarded the Best Metal Artist Award
at the 1998 Western Design Conference in Cody, Wyoming

firescreen grizzly

This fire screen utilizes the use of all blacksmithing techniques combining traditional joinery with western icons cut, tooled and forged while the iron is yellow hot. The finials that top off the screen use a die forging method that ancient blacksmiths perfected over 2,000 years ago. 

firescreen fish
firescreen ducks
fireplace insert
fireplace insert 2