Historic Reproductions

I’ve always been a maker…as a boy I was always making things out of wood, bone, leather and antler. As a lifelong outdoorsman I admired our forefathers who wandered the American Wilderness with everything they needed on their backs or packed on horses. It offended me that the tools I needed, I had to buy from a store, so the quest began to learn to make my own tools from Iron and steel.

The one material I couldn’t work effectively as a boy was steel. Naturally this foundation of History, along with the love of the outdoors led me to reproduce the tools of the frontiersman. For many years this work occupied all my time, and I was fortunate to receive orders from a number of museums and National Historic Sites. I still do this kind of work and welcome custom orders from this unique time period.


Belt Axes - All my axes and tomahawks are forged from soft steel, with tool steel forge welded into the cutting edge and properly heat treated for hard use—as were the originals. I have made hundreds of each style of axe for re-enactors over the years. Handles are stained hickory finished with beeswax and linseed oil.

gun worms

Hand Forged Gun Worms

hunting tools

Hunting Pouch Pliers and FoldIng Lead Ladle


Hand Forged Knives


Folding Skillet


Folding Spoon


The pipe tomahawk head is forged from one inch square soft steel with a tool steel cutting edge forge welded in place, properly heat treated for hard use. The curly maple handle is acid stained, finished with beeswax and linseed oil. The plug and mouthpiece are made from elephant ivory. Custom orders are often requested and welcome.

beaver trap