Hand-Wrought Lighting

Hand-wrought lighting serves as a welcoming touch to your structure when used outside. A touch of authenticity not available in factory made fixtures. Interior lighting serves to illuminate special hallways, foyers, and living areas with a glow unique to hand-wrought lighting, serving to set off the architecture.

My fixtures are tested and listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL), this verifies the safety of the fixtures and simplifies your dealing with electrical inspectors when they are installed in your structure.


brook trout lantern

This photo depicts a lamp detail cut and hand forged from ¼” thick iron. Special tooling is custom made to “tool” the silhouette forming the details of the trout’s anatomy and markings. All work is completed while the iron is over 1800ºF, or yellow hot.

Outdoor Lantern
square lanter
2-tier light

bear sconce

Complex blacksmith joinery techniques are required to bring this height of detail to the wall sconce. The sconce bracket swivels right to left to allow positioning of the sconce for the best reading light. The base for the swivel is a “bear” with Forequarters resting over a forged iron “log”.

The bear symbolizes strength, the trees on the shade, tranquility. The amber mica shade gives soft ambient lighting while the bright light is directed downward for reading.

The blacksmith was revered by the ancients as the only craftsman who used the four basic elements fire, air, earth, and water. This sconce celebrates this use. All my work utilizes traditional blacksmithing techniques. Iron is heated yellow-hot and forged to shape using hammers and other ancient tools to acquire the final piece.

swallow sconce

This wall sconce of forged iron celebrates the joy of flight.  Amber mica shade gives a soft warm glow while bright light splashes up and down the wall, illuminating the boardwalk without significantly impacting the night darkness when viewed at a distance.

squirrel lantern

wildlife friendly

This small owl took refuge on this pine tree wall sconce on my back porch one night when it was twenty below zero.  He calmly watched me barbeque deer steaks and continued to enjoy the warmth from this wildlife friendly structure off and on throughout the winter.