Yellowstone Park Work

I consider it a great honor to have been selected to produce a huge amount of work for Yellowstone National Park. I began my work there in 1989 by making a reproduction of the original fire screen in the lobby, to replaceĀ  the screen that was destroyed when the dining room fireplace collapsed during the Quake Lake earthquake! That began a 20 year relationship that I will always treasure. My work in Yellowstone monopolized my entire year some years, while others the work only took a few weeks, and my work took me all over the Park to numerous locations, and every project was a pleasure.

Often my pickup was one of the first into the Park in the Spring, and I recall one November pushing snow with the front bumper for 58 miles knowing my pickup was the last one to travel the roads that Fall! One Spring, as I slowly nosed my rig through a herd of young buffalo on the road, I was delighted as they trotted along beside and behind me for a half mile kicking up their heels enjoying being alive in Yellowstone. I have to say I share their sentiments.

Please click on map below for larger view.
Yellowstone Map
old faithful firescreen
outdoor lantern
weather predictor
bear paw deli sign
menu holder
old faithful railing
old faithful menu
animal light
old faithful firescreen 2
sconce tree
sconce rawhide
light trees
obsidian door
obsidian wall detail
obsidian wall detail
obsidian door handle
sconce metal
red door handle
firehole grill sign
firehole grill
firescreen snow lodge
firescreen snow lodge
firescreen snow lodge2
firescreen snow lodge stars
firescreen snow lodge star1
firescreen snow lodge star2
firescreen lake hotel
firescreen lake hotel2
firescreen fishing bridge
firescreen fishing bridge2
firescreen fishing bridge3
fishing supplies sign
roosevelt door
roosevelt door2
roosevelt door3